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Our Specialty and Expertise

We specialize in making your recruitment experience easier. We create wonderful connections among healthcare facilities and practitioners to ensure workforce and business empowerment as well as quality patient care and success.

Our Recruitment Team and Pool of Practitioners

We have recruitment experts and a pool of healthcare practitioners ready to make an impact on your business. We will discuss your specifications and help you find the perfect match from our pool of healthcare practitioners.

Our Solution to Staffing Shortage

Empower your workforce and improve patient care delivery by filling in the gaps in your workforce. But this can be difficult to accomplish, especially with staffing shortages. That is why Elite1 is here to offer streamlined staffing solutions.

Who We Are

Elite1 Healthcare Staffing, LLC was founded to shake up the medical staffing industry. For us, it’s all about the people. We are privately owned and operated. Our founding partners have over 15 years of combined master-prepared nurse clinical and business management experience. We recognize that nursing is still one of the most trusted professions to date. Our focus is to assist with filling the workforce gap between healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. We strive to invest in the future success of our team members and clients by matching the right person with the right facility.

Our Mission

Here at Elite1 Healthcare Staffing, our mission is to find elite healthcare professionals and connect them with our healthcare partners to build success by resolving staffing shortages.

Our Vision

We aim to be the benchmark staffing agency that connects healthcare professionals with our healthcare partners to offer high-quality patient-centered services. Our team is committed to delivering excellence in care, maintaining positive relationships, integrity, and compassion.

An In-Depth Look of What We Do

  • We partner with reputable healthcare facilities within the Atlanta Metropolitan and its surrounding areas and help them resolve staffing shortages by streamlined recruitment solutions. Our services are bound in integrity, accountability, and professionalism.
  • A comprehensive screening process for all candidates will be conducted prior to hiring. The process includes interviews, skills and knowledge evaluation, credentialing, background checks, and health screening. We do this to ensure that only the most qualified and competent healthcare practitioners work within our clients’ businesses with professional integrity and fitness.

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